Who we are




Founded by designers Benito Escat and Pol Castells in 2016, Quintana Partners has left its mark in residential, retail and hospitality interior design, as well as designing bespoke pieces for clients and collaborating with selected brands.

They have developed their signature style while focusing on projects that unearthed the raw beauty of a building’s past and translating it into interiors that reflect the true zeitgeist.

A charming house located in the foothills of Barcelona serves as the studio’s headquarters. Bringing together a multidisciplinary team, joined by Didi & Brutus, their dogs. An inspiring space for creation and experimentation.


Quintana Partners don’t create spaces,

they design moments.

Quintana Partners don’t refurbish,

they are raconteurs of forgotten stories.

Quintana Partners are not conventional,

they are a tad eccentric.

Quintana Partners are not young,

they are enfants terribles.

Quintana Partners is not just a couple,

they are a studio.

Quintana Partners is not vintage,

it is heritage.

Quintana Partners is beyond interior design,

it is a modus vivendi.